Without focussed vission and capability,a brilliant idea will just remain idle in the mind's cold storage . At E-Scrap India, we strongly beleive in the powers of ideas. Ideas that when executed, will bring about a profound change in the way ideas are conceived. To us it's all about the passion and ability to articulate an idea, ensuring it travels the distance and shapes into something concrete.

E-Scrap india makes sure all of your electronic equipment (old computers,telecommunication scrap ,hard drives, monitors, keyboards, printers, copiers, fax machines, phones, VCRs, etc.) can be securely disposed off. Let us destroy all confidential data and protect the environment.At E-Scrap india we aim at providing you the best facility that help you in solving the complex problem of e-waste.

What is e-Waste?

E-waste or electronic waste is defined as Computers, Televisions, VCRs, Stereos, Copiers, Fax Machines, Mobiles and other Electronic Equipment, which have been discarded, have become obsolete, have ceased to function or are no longer wanted. Unfortunately, electronic discards is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation's waste stream. Certain components of some electronic products contain materials that render them hazardous, depending on their condition and density. For instance, CRTs (cathode ray tubes) from televisions and monitor are extremely hazardous.

Consumer Electronic Devices (CED's)

CED's are common consumer electronic devices that are used in the home or office, such as telephones, cellular phones, answering machines, radios, stereo equipment, tape players/recorders, phonographs, video cassette players/recorders, compact disc players/recorders, calculators, copiers and fax machines. The DTSC has determined that CED's contain toxic substances and should not be disposed of in landfills.

Disposal of Obsolete Electronics

Electronic waste is growing at three times the rate of other wastes. E-Scrap India has stepped up to the plate to answer Indian communities' environmental concerns. Our warehouse facilities, specialized equipment and trained personnel allow us to handle several thousand tons of obsolete electronics a year and answer our communities' environmental concerns.
Telecommunication and Networking Scrap

E-Scrap India provide a full proof solution for all kind telecommunication e-scrap that include networking scrap as well as hand held electronic like mobile phone scrap,fixed line phone scrap,battries,and other electronic product scrap that are used by the end consumer.
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