We offer our services througout India.


On-Site Pick-Up (All India Services)

Our trained crews will pick up on site in all over India,equipment are then trucked to our facility, where they are identified, sorted and weighted.
Refurbished for Reuse

Equipment still holding a residual commercial value are thoroughly tested; computers or laptops have their HDD wiped, cleaned and made available for local and export sales. We supply freight forwarding agents with all pertinent export documentation, packing lists and invoices.
On-Site Removal

Our crew will remove equipment from working environment, i.e. from disconnect "on desk" to safe removal generally recommended with our Asset Recovery Program.
E-Waste Inventory Management

Detailed inventory is issued upon request and an integral part of our Asset Recovery Program.
Our corporate data destruction service uses either of two system, at the client's election

hard disk drive (HDD) data wipe using our CSC Ultra Performance Drive Duplicator and proprietary programs, as well as the DoD 5220-22M multi-pass overwriting method, or punching right through and actually totally destroying the drive. In either case, data can never be retrieved. HDD destruction may be done within the client's premises, under its constant supervision. A certificate and picture of sanitization or destruction is issued for each lot of HDD.
Targeted Destruction

For technical, commercial or regulatory reasons, destruction of brand new or obsolete electronics or other equipment may be required by corporations or institutions, for a number of reasons among which are: - Destruction of unclaimed bonded equipment in compliance with Obsolescence of equipment - Technical obsolescence or manufacturing problem - Market Imperatives In which case the in facility destruction, through grinding, cutting or shredding, takes place under the supervision of client's personnel
Certificates and Pictures of Destruction

A Certificate and Pictures of will be issued for each load, upon request.
Hand-Held Electronics

All types of hand held electronic devices, from cellular phones, PDAs to pagers, mobile batteries are scrap at no charge and, if recently manufactured, will get you a fair return on working units. Call us for an evaluation.
Printer Cartriges

Printer and toner cartridges are in line with their make, model and date of manufacture.



Heavy Plant and Machinery Removal

We provides solution for removal of heavy plant and machinery. Our expert crew would ensure safe removal of all kind of heavy plant and machinery and we also buy the removing heavy plant and machinery.



Did you know ?

The total e-waste in India has been estimated to be 1,46,180 metric tons per year.

• The e-waste refuse stream is growing at a rate of 3-5% per year, making it the fastest growing refuse problem in the world.

• The average life expectancy of a new PC is now less than two years.

Mumbai tops the list at present with 11,017 tons followed by Delhi with 9,730 tons and Bangalore with 4,648 tons.

An estimated 30,000 computers become obsolete every year from the IT industry in Bangalore alone. At present, India has about 16 million computers and the base is expected to grow to 75 million computers by 2010. Over 2 million old PCs ready for disposal in India.
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